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Will the Workplace Ever Be the Same?

Day ??? of quarantine…..I’m not sure about you but my home isn’t feeling so homey anymore. So when will we return to work and what will that look like? Well, as every state monitors its COVID-19 cases that could look different across the country. What we do know is that returning to your job won’t quite look the same as it once did.

Offices, once filled with people will now have employees scattered. Large meetings no more, team dinners, and happy hours? Probably not. The return to your normal office won’t be feasible in the short term unless there are major breakthroughs in stopping the virus.

Now, some employees will have to return to work, as not all jobs can be done from home. A recent study from the University of Chicago, claims that 37% of jobs can be done from home. That leaves many people eagerly waiting to return to work so they can continue to earn wages. According to the CDC, essential workers can return to work as long as they follow additional precautions suggested by the CDC. These precautions include wearing a face mask while at work and maintaining social distancing practices such as staying 6 feet apart.

So, where does that leave the 37% of people that can work from home? Odds are you will continue to work from home until your employer, state, or CDC guidelines allow for you to return safely. When you do return, expect to see less of your colleagues in the office, mostly spread out throughout the floor, expect to wear a mask, and have limited interactions and meetings.

While the situation may not be ideal at the moment, we must remain in high spirits and continue to make safe and smart decisions as our communities continue to heal. We encourage you all to be open to what the future of work may look like and together we will reshape our workplace!






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