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The Art of Job Hopping

The term job-hopping used to have a negative connotation. It meant that you moved from company to company, forgoing any loyalty to one job. Erica Golden, a career consultant, talent strategist, speaker, and author in Silicon Valley, CA, explains the change: “On average, we all spend much less time in a job than we used to – in fact, the average job duration in the U.S. is now less than 5 years.” This average is significantly lower than the Baby Boomer generation, who traditionally stayed at their jobs much longer. So why is our generation job-hopping so frequently ? Job-hopping provides the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences which lead to faster career development. In addition to that, those job changes come with increased pay and benefits as well as the opportunity to broaden your professional network.

While we encourage everyone to explore their options and remain open minded with job-hopping, make sure that you remain at your current job long enough to develop skills and continue to build relationships. Young professionals like yourself can master the art of job hopping by leveraging your current experiences, learning new skills, and staying committed to professional excellence!

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