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Switching Jobs During a Pandemic

We’re living in unprecedented times, where many people are out of work due to the ongoing pandemic, but we’re also seeing many people take bold steps by starting something new, making pivots in their career, or just redefining themselves.

During the fall of 2020, I too started to wonder if it was time for something new. I had started to get comfortable in my current role and wanted a new challenge. It was quite nerve-racking, who in their right mind would dare to switch jobs during a pandemic with the unemployment rate soaring. Given my industry and experience, I knew I had a little more wiggle room. For some context, I work in Revenue Cycle Management, ensuring that healthcare facilities remain financially sound, by analyzing their reimbursement from insurance companies. Knowing your industry is key, and research is a must.

Doing the Research

My main goals were to move into a position that offered an opportunity for growth in terms of salary and benefits, as well as managing more responsibilities and continuing to deepen my industry knowledge. I had a set target salary, with my “walk away” number in mind and I knew I wanted work from home flexibility even after the pandemic was over. While I knew that was very much attainable, I knew there would be challenges on the road ahead.


Most, if not all companies shifted to virtual interviews and onboarding. Meaning, I had to impress via Zoom. That meant having the right lighting, location, and all the other nuances that come with interviewing virtually, you can read more about that here. Aside from interviews, I thought about how I would potentially get onboarded remotely? Would I struggle to get up to speed in my new role? Struggle with connecting with my team and other stakeholders at my new company? All these questions that I thought to myself were true challenges, that I had to keep in mind.

Reality Set In

Fast forward 3 months, 9 interviews, and 2 case studies later, I was ready to start my new role in January of 2021. I had checked all my boxes, in terms of what I wanted in my new role. The challenges I mentioned earlier still existed. Here I was, working with a team I’ve never met in person, but things, for the most part, went smoothly. I knew I had to go out of my way and over-communicate due to the lack of in person meetings. Yes, Zoom fatigue was a real thing, often opting for keeping my camera on so that a name could be matched with a face. A small price to pay, as I worked to establish my credibility and likeliness.


While switching jobs during a pandemic is, in fact, nerve-racking, doing your research can set you up for success. Make sure to analyze the industry you’re in or trying to get into. Set boundaries in terms of what you expect in salary and benefits, company culture, and work-life balance.

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