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Negotiating Your Offer

Updated: May 12, 2020

We all get a little excited when we get that email that says “Congratulations, we are pleased to extend you this offer.” What happens when that number isn't quite what you expected ? or what if you like this number, is there room for more? Chances are there is room for more once you receive the initial offer. What companies won’t tell you is that the initial salary offer is intentionally lower because they expect you to negotiate!

It’s important to let your recruiter know that you are thrilled to potentially join their team; however, you need some time to consider their offer. It’s important to always be aware of the industry and role’s salary range so that you can appropriately counter-offer. While being aware of the industry range is important, it’s also imperative that you leverage any skills or experiences that you have that are a value add.

In addition to negotiating salary, there are other things that can potentially be negotiated, including but not limited to 401k matching, PTO, bonuses, and telecommuting benefits.

Now you may be concerned that if you don’t accept the first offer right away, that it may be rescinded. Recruiters most likely won’t do this as they generally understand that their candidates need time to think about the decision. Just remember, if you remain confident and flexible we’re sure that you will be able to negotiate an offer that leaves both parties satisfied.







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