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How to Dress for Your Interview

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

While fashion trends come and go, some styles never change. For the most part, business professional standards have remained consistent over the years. You should always wear business professional attire unless explicitly stated not to. Some companies prefer candidates to dress as they would on the job, which could vary based on the industry and office culture. For the sake of this post, we will cover how to look sharp and impress your interviewer in business professional attire.

For men you should wear a tailored suit, traditionally you want to stick to neutral colors such as navy blue, black and dark grey. This should be paired with a solid colored shirt with a solid or minimally patterned tie. As far as footwear goes, you can not go wrong with a pair of wingtip or cap toe dress shoes. When it comes to accessories, leave the rings, chains, and earrings at home, the only exception to this would be a watch!

Now, for the ladies, you have a little more flexibility in your suit options. You can wear a neutral-colored pant or skirt suit, one thing to keep in mind is that the skirt length should be around knee length. It’s best to pair skirts with nude or dark-colored panty-hose. If you plan on wearing heels, make sure they are closed-toe and are less than 2.5 inches. Similar to the men, try to limit jewelry; a watch and stud earrings are permissible.

While neutral colors are encouraged, we understand that some accessories or components of your outfit may have colors. We have provided a chart below of some colors and their meanings.

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