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Breaking Boundaries in Corporate America as a Black Woman

How often do you feel pressured in Corporate America to be better than your counterparts? We all feel that same pressure from our job, family, and even society to be better, especially when being a minority. As a black woman in Corporate America, I once too felt pressured to produce greatness at all times. Then I realized, I already am greatness!

Corporate Beginnings

I’m sure we have all had our own experiences within our careers that we all could relate to, but what’s most important is exploring jobs that are the best fit for you. Jobs that fit us would not have us feel like we are under pressure to get the job done. Throughout my career, I have never felt welcomed at a job because I always felt I needed to be "better than." In a sense, it was true, I had to be better. The pressure was high and to make matters worse, there was no representation. I knew no one could relate to me and without that representation I had to work twice as hard to get the positions I knew I was destined for.

Ease of Pressure

Currently, I am an auditor for a Big4 Accounting Firm, EY, and I can honestly say the firm goes out of its way to make all employees feel “at home” and comfortable-- especially for black women. For me, it wasn’t until I got to EY that I knew I was great and realized how much I was worth. The firm highlights black women and their achievements on a regular. The most important part is that there are just as many minority events as there are firm wide-events, and there is representation everywhere in the firm which is truly inspiring. It feels great to be in a place where I know I am valued and where my contributions matter. I think already knowing and believing that you can make an impact is how one can achieve even greater levels of success and achievement! No longer is it about being “better than” but rather knowing that I am more than capable and I am great on my own. I want to be great for me – and I am no longer bound by the opinions of others or how I am seen by colleagues and peers. When you know that, you can produce your best work and make greater contributions. You can amount to be even greater than who you already are inside.

Tearing Walls Down

Remember, you are great! Anything you put your mind to can be done. No one should be able to get in your way. Most importantly, we should not set out to look for the prize, because we already are the prize. Continue climbing up those walls of success and break new boundaries.






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