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Asking the Right Questions During Your Interview

When it comes down to interviews some people get so caught in preparing to answer the interviewers questions, they forget to prepare questions of their own. Now you are probably wondering, does it really matter? Yes, yes it does. Asking questions during your interview is so important. It allows you to get to know your potential employer, evaluate your future work environment and it shows that you genuinely care about the job you are applying for.

There are a million things you can ask during your interview. While the type of questions you should ask can vary depending on the role and industry you are in, we’ll go over some common questions!

“What opportunities are available to grow in this role or within the company?”

This question gives you a glimpse of what your career path could look like at this company. It provides insight on the potential upward and lateral movements if you choose to explore those options. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a role without any upward trajectory or a company that doesn’t provide opportunities for growth.

“What are some of the biggest challenges that people have faced in the role?”

Not only does this question show that you’re a problem solver and thinking ahead, it’s great for you as well. You now have the opportunity to get a grasp of problems your predecessor faced. If you have experience in solving similar problems, you could even share your approach with your interviewer. Talk about brownie points!

“How does the company foster an inclusive and diverse work culture?”

A big thing for me is culture. I want to know what the company culture is like, what initiatives or affinity groups are in place for people from different walks of life. Listen, we spend 40+ hours a week at work and being comfortable is important. Naturally you will be working with someone at some point that does not look like you or think like you and that’s ok! All employees should have an outlet or support system in place and companies should have a strategy to continue to grow and foster environments that makes work a comfortable and safe space to express themselves.

“What training or learning opportunities are available to your employees?”

I believe all employers should be investing in their employees! Depending on your industry that could look a lot different; however, this could include leadership workshops, hands on training, tuition reimbursement, access to online skills library or access to self teaching tools. You are not just an employee, you’re an investment and you should be provided the opportunity to continue to grow. Continuous learning allows you to apply those new skills in real time, thus increasing your personal value and work value. It’s a win-win for you and the employer!

As you can see, asking questions can be a great benefit to you. You spend so much time at work, it’s important to make sure it’s the right fit. Asking the right questions can help you identify if this is the right place to you.


Do you have some questions you’d like to share with our community? Do you have general questions about interviews? Feel free to check out our online forum, it’s FREE. Want to take it a step further? Book an interview consultation that is customized just for you!

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